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what makes me tick


Storytelling and design go hand in hand. Each idea, mechanic, or solution, reveals the creative process behind the smoke and mirrors. Making games might seem like black magic, but a carefully crafted experience is what holds it all together.


There’s always something beautiful under the hood of every game: clean, simple, and efficient code. With experience in C#, HTML5, CSS, and bootstrap, I enjoy tinkering with the inner workings of each project, tweaking and manipulating things until they're just right.


Every experience, every great team, builds on our ability to motivate, engage, and communicate. A good leader is one who can demonstrate constant learning, act with integrity, make bold decisions, exercise social and emotional intelligence, and engender trust.


Great ideas are the fuel of creative life, and inspiration can be found everywhere. There are lots of really big ideas out there, but without powerful execution and production, great ideas can easily be left on cutting room floor.

Hello, I am Victor Pinto...

I'm an independent game designer based in Toronto, Ontario. I have worked with companies like Sony Music Canada, andToonBox Entertainment. I have participated in various game jams around the city including global game jam and ToJam, and enjoy working on personal design projects, and helping out friends!

Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

The works I am proud of


Heavy Brew Games

WordPatch is a native iOS app, built for iPad from the ground up. Challenge yourself to a game of WordPatch to put your reflexes, speed and spelling to the test with three challenging and stimulating game modes.

Patch words together by dragging your finger across the screen, connecting letter tiles in sequence to spell words. The longer and more complex the word, the higher the score! Discover even more word patching possibilities by swapping letters with a double tap! The full game contains 3 game modes: Arcade, Speed Spell, and Hot Letters, each with both single and multiplayer support.

Challenge friends in a head-to-head spell-off in any of the three gameplay modes with WordPatch’s Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer splits the game board in two, pitting player against player, each with an individual set of words to patch. A score bar leans towards the player in the lead, creating an exciting and dynamic two player game, guaranteed to bring out your competitive side.

Find full definitions, including synonyms, and pronunciation, of any word you’ve spelled! Learn more about a word by tapping the pause button at any time during gameplay to access the dictionary panel.


Post grad thesis

Get whisked away on an epic adventure, following the enigmatic Zoe into her own mind, and through the fairy tales of her childhood.

Unbraided is an action/adventure game designed for console and PC. Players will have to run, jump, and fight their way through various levels based on beloved fairytale worlds. Unbraided was originally designed as a continuation of my George Brown College Post Graduate thesis, and is currently being wrapped up as a fully fledged demo.

The Ranger


The Ranger is a platform puzzler where by shooting arrows, you can create platforms and traverse the environment. The player is also equipped with a rope arrow that can create a bridge between gaps too far to jump between.

The Ranger was developed by myself, and the ever talented Galen Maunel at TOjam 2014

Beet Party Uprooted

ToonBox Entertainment

Beet Party Uprooted is a creative playground for children ages 3 to 5, that features a collection of mini games and imaginative exercises that foster self-expression and inspire a love for rhythm and music

Beet Party Uprooted is a collection of musical mini-games for the iPad. Each game adds new sounds to the BeetBox mode, a Freestyle, music-creation tool. As players achieve goals and overcome challenges. Beet Party Uprooted lets kids use the sounds they collect, and create their own music to share with others via social media, or a downloadable file.

Beet Party Uprooted was developed by the post graduate students at George Brown college, in collaboration with ToonBox Entertainment for release to the App Store on iPad


Sony Music Canada

Players follow a wave of particles generated by songs from featured artists in this local co-op runner.

Fidelity creates interactive level elements, using a combination of music from Pirates Blend Records, and a clever gameplay algorithm. Each level is unique to the song being played, creating a waveform of collectable objects for the player to follow.

Fidelity is a collaborative project between the game designers of George Brown College, Sony Music Canada, and the artists of Pirate’s Blend Records, to develop a commercial iPhone game for real world clients.


Rough and Tumble Games

A stranger in a strange land, Orbi is a curious creature lost in a dangerous world of subterranean caves. Navigating this hostile landscape Orbi must run, jump, and throw his way to freedom.

The player takes control of orbi, a comet in the form of a human child. Orbi can fling himself like a projectile through the environment, interacting with various surfaces along the way.

Orb is a puzzle platforming game developed by the students of the Game Design post grad at George Brown College, along with the help of 80 some odd undergrad game design students. Orb was developed as a submission for the 2014 Independent Game Festival Student Competition, where it shortlisted with about 300 other submissions http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2014.php?id=7015

Rainbow Volley

personal project

Rainbow Volley is an exciting game for the brain. Tap the circles to spin them, changing the colour to match the bouncing ball.

Keep in Touch with me

I'm interested in working on interactive media projects, digital content production, and ubiquitous design. I thrive in a fast paced environment, and live in a world of deadlines and crunch times. Contact me if you have a really interesting idea, project, or job opportunity.

Victor Pinto
Toronto, Ontario